Copywriting Trends We Should Ditch

Uncategorized Jan 27, 2021

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Kathryn, I don’t want to sound like everyone else.” 


This is the most common thing I hear from my audience.


They want their copy to have personality, texture, and vibrancy, but above all they want it to sound like themselves.


But somewhere along the way, they were taught to use a template (or follow a script). The whole time feeling totally uneasy in their body, because what they were saying didn’t sound like them.


I don’t talk like this,” or “This isn’t how I would say things.”


Sound familiar? 


Here’s the thing with ‘templates,’ they take the spice and sizzle right out of your content. Templates remove your personality and before you know it you sound like a robot.


The most obvious template used that’s inundated the interwebs and entrepreneurship is the I ‘help’ statement.


It seems a lot of people caught what I’m calling a copy bug — something that catches popularity but doesn’t make your copy better.


Because all it does is make you sound more and more like everyone else. I mean if you don’t want to sound like everyone else, this is the last thing you should do.


I even suffered from it. And it’s still on my website until I revamp it. For some reason when I started my online business I decided to forget the years of experience I had in marketing and communications. And I drank the purple Kool-Aid that gave me the copy bug. 


I’ve now come to my senses. The Kool-Aid has worn off. And I’m cured of the copy bug. That is why I want to share some copywriting trends we should ditch if you want to make your copy sound like you.


So let’s dive in...

1. No More Writing at a Grade 4 Level

The thing is, this advice was created as a MASS marketing tactic.


Meaning you are trying to sell something to the masses.


Things like...


Toilet Paper
Dish soap
Body Wash


If you're not speaking (or selling) to the masses this advice doesn't apply.


In fact, it can impact the type of people you want to attract.


For example, I want to attract ambitious, smart, resourceful, creative, and inventive entrepreneurial women.


Women who want to continue to expand and grow. 


Dumbing down my content or speaking to them at a grade four level doesn't feel empowering to me (or for them).


Nor does that encourage continued growth and expansion.

Not to mention assuming their level of intelligence.


Your words matter.


And the way you speak to your audience will impact the type of people you attract.


2. Avoid Using Buzzwords & Phrases


We are all guilty of using buzzwords and phrases. It’s easy. But we want to avoid using them.




Because everyone else is using them. Hence why they are called buzzwords (or phrases).


So you infusing these into your content adds to the noise. It doesn’t help you stand out. 


Here is a list of phrases:

  • Live your passion
  • The business of your dreams
  • Own your story
  • Own your truth
  • Know your worth
  • Speak your truth
  • 10k months
  • Rise up
  • Money-making business
  • Make money with ease
  • Heart-centred
  • _____________ converts
  • Alignment
  • Low-hanging fruit
  • Authentically
  • Live your life on your own terms
  • Find your purpose
  • Shift your __________
  • 10x your sales
  • Soulful selling
  • How to make 6-figures
  • Selling with your souls
  • Skyrocket your sales (or fill in the blank)
  • Attract your dream clients
  • Pivot
  • Business coach for coaches
  • High-ticket
  • Burnt out to _________
  • Next level you
  • Corporate drop out
  • Raise your vibe
  • Boss babe
  • Inner work, inner child, inner _______
  • Freedom Lifestyle
  • Intentional___________
  • Messy action
  • Overwhelm
  • Mindset
  • Struggle
  • Feminine wholeness
  • Fear
  • Step into your power
  • Making magic

Again we are all guilty of using them, even me. This is meant to provide you with context so that you can start thinking about it as you write. 


Over time and with practice it will become a habit. You can also start keeping track of buzzwords and phrases for your specific industry.


3. Step Away from Using Templates


You know my opinion on templates. But I want to give you more context to what they do to your content.


  • It makes you sound like everyone else. Cue the echo chamber. And tune out the noise.
  • They strip it of personality making it flat, boring, and lifeless. It’s like showing up at a party wearing the same outfit as a friend. Awkward! 
  • It’s restricting. Let me speak goddamit. 


Now get out there and start writing. I want to see that personality, weirdness, and what makes you different. So does your audience. 

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