Exactly how to articulate yourĀ cosmic genius to attract high-resonance* clients every single month.

ā€¦ Even if the results aren't tangible, like 10K months, losing 50 LBS, or doubling your productivity.

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Your work doesn't fit into the traditional way you're taught how to market and sell...

Now what?

It transcends the traditional "10X Your Income" and "Make 6-figures in 30 days" type promises.

And trying to fit your messaging into a bunch of soulless marketing jargon feels out of alignment... and it's definitely NOT calling in the dreamy clients that light your soul on fire.

But I'll let you in on a secret that no one else is telling you...

You CAN sell your transformational coaching offers without cheapening the message with unaligned marketing strategies & gimmicky sales tactics like...

  • Using FOMO & scarcity
  • Speaking to the grade-4 level
  • Selling one tangible result
  • Cold DMing and pitching


Introducing the game-changing way soulful coaches attract
highly aligned clients every single month!

When you sign up for the training, you’ll...

  • Discover the new game-changing approach to creating marketing content that lands like a lightning bolt in the hearts of your potential clients without needing to rely on hype marketing & exhausting launches.
  • Uncover the secret to collapsing your dream client's journey from cold to sold in WAY less time ('cos speaking to the void and being friend-zoned is exhausting AF).
  • Discover why traditional marketing strategies aren't connecting with your right fit clients (You know, the ones who EXPAND your energy... Instead of sucking the life out of you).
  • Uncover the Energetic Messaging™ that holds the keys to you either magnetizing your dream clients towards you or ultimately pushing them away.
  • Learn precisely how I attracted $40K in soul-aligned clients in 60 days, allowing me to focus on my impact instead of worrying about money.

* High-resonance clients are the clients that take radical responsibility for their growth, respect your boundaries and follow through on what they say they will without needing hand-holding. They also don't suck the life out of you, miss payments, make excuses, or question the value of your services.

Don't take my word for it, see what some of my clients have to say:

28K Launch With Messaging that Created Demand For Her Group Coaching Program.

106 Beautiful Souls Signed Up Without Using Paid Ads (strictly organic).

Effortless and organic client attraction for spiritual entrepreneurs.

$4K in Sales without needing to bust objections, use FOMO or scarcity, or send 20 emails.

Selling High-Ticket Offers without being on Social Media!!

Sold out a high-ticket mastermind resulting in over $25,000+ in sales in 30 days!


Hi I'm Kathryn.

I'm a soulful marketing and sales coach that nearly walked away from the industry altogether a little over a year ago. 

With 20 years of experience in marketing and sales, I'd seen a lot of tactics being used that sold half truths and felt manipulative.

I felt like these strategies were amplified in the online coaching space, which had me contemplating pursuing another path. Like most of my clients I was fed up with tactics like using BIG cash wins to sell, false scarcity, not taking 'NO' on sales calls, and using language that was disempowering.

So, the easy thing would have been pivoting (something I'm really good at) but I knew I had a unique perspective that would not only help other soulful coaches market and sell in a way that felt good; it would also elevate the frequency of the marketing industry. Something I know you and other conscious leaders are craving.

That's why I'm so committed to help you articulate your cosmic genius to attract high-resonance clients every single month and help you get paid WELL for your valuable work without having to sell your soul to do it!!